If you’re the raver that’s looking for something to wear at an outdoor event in the winter for dancing, the bear rave hood will be an instant hit and looks amazingly cool for the crowd. This bear rave hood works great with a dazzling LED rainbow display which cycles through tons of patterns. The battery pack is hidden in a secret stash pocket with zipper and it takes easily replaceable batteries for long lasting fun. It’s made of glowing white faux fur with ultra-bright rainbow colour changing LEDs that’s guaranteed to capture the attention of all those ravers around you (who will probably ask to have pictures with you). The material is also super soft so you’ll feel instantly comfortable wearing them.

bear rave hood

What we really liked about this bear rave hood is how compatible it is with LED combinations, such as light-up rave bras that you can wear along to your rave. If you combine this bear rave hood with LED rave gloves, you’ll instantly be able to create vibrant lightshows and steal plenty of compliments for yourself.

The bear rave hood design is truly unique and looks amazing at a night dance party. It also has a very hidden battery compartment, and the furry hood feels very comfortable to wear. You can expect lots of compliments while wearing this bear rave hood while it lights up in tons of different patterns and colours. If you’re looking for something funky to wear this festive season or at the EDC, this is an item you should consider buying.

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