This badass looking bloody spike rave mask is perfect for the raver who wants to look the rough at the festival. The bloody and spiky look on the mask is bound to give any raver that extra badass look as you dance the wild night away. It’s made of super comfortable material and is of excellent quality, so you won’t feel any discomfort breathing through it. What’s more, this bloody spike motorcycle rave mask doubles up as a Halloween mask, which makes it a worthwhile investment for use on multiple occasions. It’s also great for badass bike riding or paintball protection, and comes in one size fits most design.

Bloody Spike Rave Mask

The mask is kept secure by a top and bottom elastic band which ensures that it stays on your face even as you rock on. Small wonder this mask looks really awesome at the EDC. The verdict? This bloody spike motorcycle rave mask looks simply badass for the most hardcore of ravers and we highly recommend them.

Rave Mask