There are only a few LED rave masks out there that can make you truly stand out at the rave. The Cyber Punk Red LED Rave Mask looks so stunning and other-worldly that you will have no problem attraction tonnes of attention to yourself just by wearing this LED rave mask and walking around. It has a groovy orange-red LED EL wire around the mask that gives it an entirely badass feel, and it’s ultra-sleek one of a kind design makes it the perfect rave accessory you can bring with you. In fact, this rave mask looks so badass and unique that we’re kinda lost for words about it. The LED lights are nice and bright, and comes with different settings from solid, slow blink and fast blink for different patterns. Just put on this mask and you have one amazing rave outfit that’s guaranteed to steal the crowd for you.

With the El wire turned off, this rave mask looks equally badass. We were reminded of the gas masks in the popular game Borderlands – they look so alike and stunning in appearance. It also features a androgynous design which is suitable for both guys and girls.

LED Rave Mask

The LED rave mask comes with an elastic band for one size fits most, and is made of sturdy high-end plastic for lightweight and durable construction. It also comes with 2 “AA” batteries for long lasting power, and the batteries are tucked nicely into the mask so you’ll never notice that they are even there. If you are looking for something totally exotic, out of this world and funky, this badass rave mask is seriously the way to go. Plus, it’s also super comfortable wearing the mask as it doesn’t press on your nose or eyes, allowing plenty of space for you to breath like a true gas mask. What’s there not to love?

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