The glow-fur LED Spirit rave hood is one of the best looking furry rave hoods that has an incredible design and colourful vibe. It also has long scarf paws to keep your hands warm, with LED lights that are dispersed throughout. The lights have a few difference cycles so there are more choices than the standard “steady” or “strobe” pattern. There is also a lot of variation in colour which is a huge bonus – it’s one of the most colour furry rave hoods we ever come across. The hood feels nice and warm and is a good choice to wear to parties and rave events.  You can expect to get a tonne of compliments on it with its nice colour variation and exotic design. The ears are also super cute and give this LED furry rave hood an outstanding design.

Spirit Rave Hood

The spirit rave hood is made of glowing white faux fur with ultra bright rainbow colour changing LEDs. The white faux fux reflects the LED light well, and creates the impression that the entire rave hood is glowing. It is also lightweight, so you won’t feel it weighing down on you as you party hard through the night. The battery pack is hidden in a secret stash pocket with zipper and takes easily replaceable batteries – the battery pack is well concealed and will not fall off. If you’re the raver looking for something fun and exciting to bring to the EDC, this spirit rave hood is literally the king of all furry rave hoods that will guarantee to bring you lots of fun and cheer.

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