This badass looking Green Plasma Light Gas Mask with Single Respirator is bound to capture the attention of all ravers around you with that groovy plasma glow and spiky design. The mask has a full bio-hazard proof design to cover your entire face, but is made of an extremely lightweight material so you won’t get tired of wearing it at your rave party. The green plasma can be set to on or Sound Activity for a “really cool effect” that will add a groovy chic as you rave away.

Green Plasma Rave Mask

The badass design also includes 1″ spikes over the mask and there’s really nothing else like it in the market out there. It also comes with an adjustable elastic band for one size fits most and supreme comfort. So if you’re looking for something badass and seriously cool with green plasma effects, this is the mask that you must have at your rave party. With this badass mask you’ll get an awesome rave mask that promises an experience like no other.

Green Rave Mask

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