These ultra-bright green LED rave laces are super bright and of very good quality. They glow in the dark and in the day time. The glow is very bright and great for any rave or dance party events. They are also compatible with sneakers. Once you hit the lights, there’s an instant green glow throughout the entire lace that will dazzle you completely. The lighting comes with 3 different settings: continuous glow, fast strobe and slow strobe. You can’t go wrong with these laces if you’re the first time raver looking for an excellent clean pair of laces. Looks great too when you pair these green laces with your green glow sticks.

Furthermore, these LED rave laces are super durable and long lasting, so you need not worry about damaging them as you rave through the night. You’ll also be able to pick up plenty of compliments with these wicked rave laces which will make you an instant hit at the party. They are really cool rave laces that are definitely worth considering.

Rave Laces