This jaw-dropping hypnotized rave bra by Electric Styles will guarantee turn heads at any EDM festive or rave party. Not only will will get lots of compliments, you’ll also look funky and cool with that ultra sleek rave bra design. This rave bra looks especially good at rave parties or clubbing events, where you can just dance the night away to the beat in style. The colours of the bra are very vivid and bright with excellent fiber-optic technology. Furthermore, the light-up bra comes with a 3-mode battery pack and you can easily switch between continuously on, fast blinking or slow blinking. The bra is black is colour for the best contrast with the LED lights, and it’s also made of the best materials so you’ll feel comfortable wearing them as you party all night long. The wiring and battery pack is thoroughly concerned around the bra, so you’ll not notice that it’s even there.

For the raver who’s into making your appearance as colourful and vibrant as possible, this hypnotized rave bra design will guarantee to satisfy your desires. Not only does it look good, but it’s funky design and comfort is an added plus. All in all, this rave bra is a must have for those who wish to rave in style and dance to the tune of the music.

 Rave Bra