This stylistic, hand-made Crystalline Kandi Bra is probably one of the best looking rave bras out there. The Kandi Bra is intricately designed, with much attention going into every bead and colour that is affixed to the bra. With this lovely mix of pearls, rhinestones, and rainbow colours, you are guaranteed to be the center of attention of the entire dance floor. Not only does it look super sexy and eye-catching, you’ll receive a ton of compliments wearing this rave bra around. Combine this with some of the featured apparel here and you’ll get one awesome raver outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Kandi Bra

The good thing about this Crystalline Kandi Bra is that is available in small (34″), medium (36″) and large (38″) sizes for you to choose from. Furthermore, you hand wash it with cold water and hang dry. It’s made of 100% polyester for that super comfortable and lightweight feel. As one of the few Kandi Bra out there that is entirely hand-made, this rave bra has excellent material construction and is capable of lasting a very long time. Plus, you can get this item for a discounted price if you buy it now.

As you dance through the night, nothing is more pleasurable than wearing one of the best looking rave bras that is beautifully and painstakingly hand crafted and designed. It’s quite rare to find so much love and effort that goes into crafting a single Kandi bra, and you should definitely consider getting one.

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