These multi-coloured LED flashing shoelaces are simply awesome, producing excellent bright and nice multicolours on your footwear. They look really cool in the dark and have adjustable modes to make the colours fade in and out at varying speeds, or start flashing different colours. If you’re the type of raver that wants a pair of colourful rave laces instead of sticking to a single colour, these rave laces are really at the top of the line. You’ll never really see anyone with such colourful and bright shoelaces, and they look simply groovy when dancing or when you’re just chilling around the corner. They stay secure on your shoes even when dancing, and the length of the lace is perfect for a comfortable fit at 2 feet long each.

LED flashing shoelaces

These LED flashing shoelaces are great for any type of lace-up shoes such as skate shoes, roller stakes, roller blades, ice skates and more. They are very bright and you will receive a tonne of compliments just by wearing these around the party. These shoelaces also make a great addition to the LED rave combination with LED gloves/bras/hoods. What we really liked about these LED flashing shoelaces is that they are powered by a CR-2032 watch battery which lasts up to a whooping 70 hours.

Rave Laces