Illuminate your world this Christmas with Raveswear’s signature LED Rave Gear combination at the EDC. These led rave gear will provide the best raver stylish chic that will guarantee to create one heck of an insane lightshow as you party away under the beat of the music.  Celebrate this Christmas with your new rave gear collections and light up your world with your friends with these stunning gear.

LED Rave Gear

1. Light up fur animal hoodie: There’s really nothing better than having these light up fur animal hoodies with over 20 different colours to choose from and 16 dynamic colour changing modes. The polar bear animal hood has an even glow in the front from top to bottom and will guarantee to illuminate the dance floor as your party away. It’s made of ultra plush 100% hand-picked faux fur for maximum comfort and durability. With this light-up fur animal hoodie, you’ll be in for a treat this Christmas!

2. Fiber-optics hair braid: These multicoloured fiber optics hair braid are designed specially to give you an insanely cool hair optics glow that changes colour according to your preferences. These are made of approximately 80 fiber opic fibers cut at variable lengths from 5 inches to 14 inches long to give the perfect flashing patterns on your lovely hair. Comes with batteries included which have up to an 8 hour lifespan. This is simply one of best looking, must-have LED rave gear that you should try out at the party. You’ll be in for a steal.

3. LED Flash Bracelets: These LED bracelets look great. Not only are they bright, colourful and flashy, the batteries last a good amount of time for up to 4 hours straight. They look seriously cool with 2 of these bracelets on the same wrists, with its illuminating patterns and irresistible LED glow.

4.  Dragonpad Raver Gloves:  Ok, so what’s a rave without creating your own lightshows? If you want to pack some serious fun into your rave the time has come for you to wear these LED rave gloves. They are highly value for money and have very bright LED lights which are perfect for the EDC. It features 3 LED lights in each finger (Red, Green & Blue), which comes to a total of 15 LED lights per hand! It also has 6 modes of operation to create dazzling LED patterns in the air as you wave your hands about. It’s super lightweight and easy to use, so if you are thinking of getting them this Christmas, do it now!

5. LED Flashing Jelly Rings: These cute LED rings are great fun for all kinds of celebrations, and look especially cool at rave parties. These LED bumpy rings are made of a stretchy, jelly material and feature assorted coloured LEDs. Comes with batteries pre-installed for you.

Rubie's Costume Alien Raver Light-Up Glasses, Multi, One Size

6. Alien Raver Light-up Glasses: Ever heard of light up rave glasses? These seriously stylish rave glasses are fun addition to any rave with it’s green shades with light up LED lights to give that extra-groovy factor. The glow from these glasses can make you look like one badass alien raver. These exotic glasses make perfect gifts for Christmas with their greenish glow and funky design. They are seriously worth a try!