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Here at Raveswear we’ve put together some funky combinations for you to try out at your rave party. If you have never wore any LED rave outfits to the rave before then you are seriously missing out on some great fun. The LED rave outfits combination is dedicated to featuring items that you can party with and experience dazzling light effects with your rave outfits. Not only does the LED combination make your rave outfits look great, its funky design will guarantee to grip the attention of the crowd as you dance to the beat of the music.


There are many things you can put on your head at a rave, but finding the right LED rave outfits can be a time-consuming process. If you’re wondering what you can wear to the rave party, these glow-in-the-dark shutter shades will probably do the trick, making your face bright-up as the party rages on. You can also try on some amazing looking LED masks that you can turn on for that extra funky look.

NEW KANYE shutter shades, rave glasses

These glow-in-the-dark shutter shades not only look cool, but they light up during the night giving you an extra groovy factor to party with. It’s simply irresistible how incredibly well designed these shutter shades are – and it comes in various colours for you to choose from! They are the perfect compliment to glow in the dark light sticks that you can wear around your wrists or even as a head-band. These shutter shades are seriously pretty cool and have lots of swag.

For girls, try on these LED rave hoods that you can wear to light up your upper body. Not only do these hoods look great, they blend in easily with the overall design of your rave outfit and look simply stunning close-up or from afar. They’re designed to last a very long time and yet provide maximum comfort, so you’ll feel instantly comfortable wearing them wherever you go. With their multiple colour flash design which changes patterns, you’ve got yourself one dazzling colour display on your body that will last you through the night. Plus, they can be easily combined with rave bras (see below) which you can use to create an ultimate display of colours.

rave vest


There are probably a tonne of LED rave outfits out there that you can wear on your body but we’d recommend these rave vests that have the ability to make you look stunningly bright as you dance the night away. Another cool combination you can try on includes rave ties – you’ve probably seen many LED accessories that look good but the flaming rave tie is seriously eye-gripping and funky. For the gentleman raver, the light-up rave ties that you can wear along with your collar shirts are guaranteed to give you an extra funky look. In fact, these rave ties look so exotic and eye-catching that you’d receive a tonne of compliments for wearing them. It looks great when wearing smart collar attire to your rave which gives you an unique rave chic – try the flaming rave it on for size!

rave tie, rave clothing

For the girl, we’d recommend wearing these sexy light-up rave bras. Not only do they compliment your LED rave outfits, it’s also super comfortable in material design and look simply stunning. There’s really nothing much that can compete with these bras in terms of design and exoticness. Plus, they have long lasting battery so you can party all night until the lights go out and still have lots of energy juice waiting to be used. It’s simply amazing how dazzling and bright these rave bras can actually get, plus they feel super comfortable so you’d never want to take them off! The battery that comes with the rave bra is well tucked away so you’ll never notice or even feel it. The battery life lasts for a very long period of time so you’d never have to worry about these bras lighting out – giving you maximum satisfaction wherever you go with them! They also compliment really well with the light-up rave vests. 

rave bra, rave clothing


You’ve probably seen girls wearing leg warmers at rave parties but these light-up rave leg warmers are really one of a kind in design. They’re made of a super comfortable material that will keep your legs warm and cozy, while making your legs shine with brightly lit LED lights. No LED combination is complete without wearing light-up leg warmers, and they make an eye-catching addition to your rave outfit! Their high-quality construction means that you can bring them for multiple raves without having to worry about them falling apart. They are made for long-lasting fun.

leg warmers, rave clothing

If you’re wearing shoes to the rave, try on these sick looking LED shoe-laces. They are designed to fit into practically any shoe and have a very bright led glow so you can even create wavy light-shows with your very own shoes! It’s no secret that LED laces do make for alot of fun when it comes to raving because of the party vibes that they give off.

rave laces, rave clothing

Not only do LED laces make a great addition to any rave or party – it gives you that extra groovy punch as you create glowing patterns with your feet and dance through the music. Furthermore, you can get these rave laces here for less than $10. They’re cheap, value for money and lasts a very long time so you can use them at multiple raves. They are simply a steal.


What’s a rave without wearing your favourite LED rave gloves? Because seriously, the best part of a rave is creating your own light-shows with your own hands. Imagine creating wave after wave of rainbow colours as you dance to the beat of the night with these LED gloves.

rave gloves, rave clothing

Be sure to check out our featured light up laces which compliments the LED gloves very well in creating the most flashy light show you’ll ever see. This will guarantee to enhance the overall experience of your rave, and you will have tonnes of fun simply waving your hands about and experiencing the music to the fullest. Get them now because this is seriously an experience you don’t want to miss!

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