When it comes to rave bras, there really nothing that can beat the experience of wearing one of the grooviest and funky rave bras to the party. You just have to try them out to believe what an amazing experience the rave bra can bring for you – it will seriously drive everyone around you crazy for you. And this is just the beginning.

This LED Rhinestone Rave Bra is a seriously cool rave bra with waxy patterns that’s going to capture the attention of all those ravers around you. With three modes of colours and the amazing colourful design, it’s everything that a raver must have. You’ll not only be satisfied with the attention this bra gets you, but also with the extremely high quality construction and durability of the bra on the EL wire lights. The 4 glowing EL wires are hand-sewn onto the bra in a squiggly fashion that’s designed to make you look attractive and outstanding. The bra is also black in colour to ensure that the EL wire colours get the best contrast and vibrancy.

Furthermore, this bra comes with a 3-mode battery pack and you can easily switch between permanently on, fast blinking and slow blinking, so you’ll be able to customize how you look at the party. The battery pack has extra long-lasting capacity so you can experience an immense dazzling light-show the whole night long. The wiring and battery pack fits tightly around the bra so you will not notice it as you party the night away. For the raver who wants to party in style and enjoys LED light display, this drive ’em crazy rave bra is something you seriously must get for a once in a life-time experience.

crazy rave bra