LED Shutter shades are the new ‘in’ thing now. These insane shutter shades instantly gives you a cyber look at the rave party  and there’s really nothing out there that can beat the look of these shades. These shutter shades come in various designs and colours to choose from, with standard light settings that you can adjust. There are 3 modes: on, strobe (about 5 bps), and hyper strobe (about 20 bps) *BPS blinks per second. The lights are super bright and easy to see in daylight. When used under pitch black conditions they light up like fireworks in the sky. The downside to these shutter shades is that they may actually blind your eyes in dark places because of the bright LED lights coming from the shades, so be sure not to go to places which are entirely dark with these immensely powerful LED shutter shades.

The LED shutter shades have excellent build quality together with a sturdy  white frame and you should expect them to last for a long time. You’ll also get tonnes of compliments wearing them out at night or to the rave party. Furthermore, the battery pack can clip to anywhere on your upper body and you can clip to your belt or be placed inside your pocket for extra convenience.

LED Shutter Shades

If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to boost your rave experience and creating incredible lightshows with your LED gear, these LED shutter shades are a must have, coming in with a very sleek design which gives you extra value for money. It’s durable construction and incredible design make for a spectacular rave experience like no other, and gives you an incredible experience that you will not forget.

led shutter shades