There are few LED rave hoodies out there that can make you look truly exceptional. People like to wear rave hoodies with different kinds of cartoon designs on them, but this rave hoodie is simply a cut above the rest because of it’s groovy LED lining that goes from top to bottom and around your neck. Combining this with other LED accessories will guarantee to attract lots of interest from the crowd.

Light Up Rave Hoodie

It’s therefore no surprise that this light-up rave hoodie by Electric Styles will exceed your expectations. It’s made out of thick fabric that looks high quality and lasts a very long time. The EL wire is attached in a professional way which looks good, even when it is powered off during the day. The EL wire takes 2 AA batteries for long lasting performance. The best part about these rave hoodies is how good it looks – whether you’re at the party or walking down the street, people will rubberneck to check it out. Plus, the darker it gets, the more this hoodie will stand out. It really glows like nothing else you have ever seen before. The LEDs can either blink slowly, blink fast, stay on constantly or stay off. Put simply, it looks like a jacket from the future. You have to get it to experience what an amazing badass hoodie this actually is.

If you’re the raver that’s looking for a high quality hoodie with excellent design and great material construction, then be sure to check out this light-up rave hoodie now. If you like the idea of wearing something unique and hip to stand out from the crowd, these rave hoodies will definitely suit you and make raving even more fun. What’s more, this light up hoodie is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about staining it. On the whole, this futuristic item is a great investment for all those funky ravers out there so be sure to get it now while stocks last.

Rave Hoodie