This light-up orange rave tie is not your ordinary tie. For the gentlemanly raver,  the LED outline on the tie looks simply amazing and will capture the attention of everyone around you as you dance the night away. The light up neck tie is made with EL wire and powered by a AAA battery pack. The battery pack is vecroed to the back of the necktie so it’s perfectly hidden from view. It’s also made of a lightweight material so it’s super comfortable to wear without the feeling of any drag on your neck. What’s more, there’s a zipper-loop at the top of the tie, and a zipper hangs down from the back. When you lift the zipper tab, you can pull the loop to make it as big as you want, slip it over your head, then pull the zipper in back to tighten.

The tie has two settings – continuous glow, or on-off-on-off glow. It looks great even in a room during the day, with some lighting coming in. It has an awesome neon appearance and the tie itself is of very decent quality, so you can use it for other occasions apart from raving. This orange light up tie promises to pack a load of fun to your party and we highly recommend them.

Rave Tie