If you’re looking for PLUR Raver Outfits that’s comfortable and has a unique cool design to it, you’ll love this rave tank top by Greater Apparel. Apart from having the usual characteristics of rave tank tops, it also has a unique PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) message to it that’s bound to catch the eye of any raver “please let us RAVE everywhere”. As you dance and party away, spread the message of peace, love, unity respect wherever and everywhere you go. What’s more, the colours of this rave outfits look amazing and gives off that cool chill vibe that any funky raver would be proud of. It is seriously one of those rave tank tops that you can’t stop wearing to the rave because it feels so right to party in it.

The quality and fit of this rave tank top is also really great – you can wash it multiple times and it will not shrink. That’s because its made from a pre-shrunk, soft cotton blend material that’s super comfortable. It also carries a tagless label so you’ll feel at your best wherever you are. It is one of those raver outfits that make a difference at the EDC! It’s time to smash your rave party and get one of these raver outfits into your arsenal now!

PLUR Everywhere Rave Clothing