If you’re a fan of Poi these poi rave balls will definitely come as a great rave accessory at the rave festival. These rave poi balls are great fun, especially for beginner level ravers and look super stunning with their different light settings that you can easily adjust and cycle through. They are very exciting to play with and can instantly create a spectacular light show at the rave festival to captivate your audience as you dance to the beat of the music.

poi rave

These rave poi balls set by FlashingLights are very nicely crafted and durable. Because they are hollow they don’t hurt as much when you hit yourself. We found them really comfortable to use and swing around – they are lightweight and are of high quality. The set includes two poi rave balls with black string and finger straps, and features 6 different light up functions. They are great for rave festivals and outdoor carnivals. Furthermore, these poi balls also come with replaceable batteries which are more than enough to last you several nights of non-stop raving.

If you’re thinking of bringing a set of poi rave balls to the rave/edc, then check out these set of poi balls. They look especially wonderful at night, creating a flashy and hypnotic display that is super fun to dance with to the beat of the music. Plus, it looks awesome and compliments well with most LED rave outfits. If you’re a fan of poi and thinking of using some LED rave toys to go with your costume, then these poi rave balls are definitely a nice add-on you should consider.

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