The iHeartRaves GoGo Purple Furry Leg Warmers are a set of awesome leg warmers perfect for rave, club or costume events. These fluffy leg warmers are made of high-quality faux fur and you have the option of attaching LED lights to them for that groovy purple glow. They look simply amazing and have plenty of raver vibes to it – the smooth purple faux fur design, satin lining and lycra ties all comes together in a perfect blend. Furthermore, these purple furry leg warmers are 15 inches in diameter at the top, fitting most sizes and even features a no slip grip, so you will never worry about these coming off at the rave.  These purple furry leg warmers are genuine iHeartRaves products made in the USA, so you can be assured that you are purchasing a high quality product. It is easily hand-washable and convenient to clean, but rinse gently in water to avoid any fur from detaching.

Purple Furry Leg Warmers 2

If you’re the raver who wants to party all night long in style and with an awesome pair of furry leg warmers, these pair of purple furry leg warmers are simply unbeatable in terms of quality and comfort. They are very eye-catching too. We particularly adored the lycra ties with hearts that comes attached to these leg warmers, which is a nice added touch. As a designer product, you can expect nothing but the best from these leg warmers, packed with plenty of add-ons that you can use with these leg warmers. Plus, they’re super comfortable and lightweight, so you can party all night without feeling any drag on your legs. These purple furry leg warmers are perfect for ravers who want a pair of durable leg warmers with an awesome eye-catching LED display.

Purple Furry Leg Warmers