Rave bras are more than a fashion statement – these audacious, eye-popping and attention grabbing bras are tremendous fun to wear to rave festivals and can definitely grab a tonne of attention to you. Not to mention, these bras remain highly popular among raver girls and are a must try for any first time raver who intends to let loose at the party. If you haven’t tried these on before you are really missing out on some serious fun!

Finding the right rave bra can make all the difference for an amazing rave experience. Nothing beats the fun of wearing these popular, funky looking bras with your friends to the festival or electric daisy carnivals. Apart from the super eye-catchy designs, these bra tops are also extremely fun to party in and give you plenty of mobility for wildest dance moves. There are many types of rave bras that you can find in the market right now – here are some super exotic and fashionable bra tops that will definitely grab some serious attention from ravers. As you dance to the beat of the music, these sexy bra tops will make you stand out from the crowd; you will be surprised at how many compliments you can get just by wearing these.

There are many categories of rave bras to choose from – from light up LED bra tops, to bras specially made out of rhinestone, daisy, spiked or even mermaid designer bras. They come in very attractive and beautiful colors, and you can easily compliment your rave outfit with a wide selection of rave fluffies, rave glasses, rave gloves and women’s apparel which will definitely make you stand out.  Simply take your pick of rave bra and you will be all set for the festival!

LED Rave Bras

These rave tops are simply one of the most exciting and crazy things you can wear to the festival. They come in super exotic designs with a myriad of colors that will dazzle everyone around you. If you are into LED rave outfits, we highly recommend pairing your outfit with these light up bras, together with some ultra-violet rave face paint to give you that funky glow as you dance under UV light. Pairing these light-up bras with rave fluffies is also a great idea – and you will definitely be in for the time of your life! When we tried on some of these amazing bras at the festival, we were surprised at how many people actually approached us to ask where we bought these. If you have never tried on these amazing bras, it’s time to grab some of these now and have a blast!

We really liked the ‘hynotised’ and ‘too sexy’ light up bra designs with their curvy LED patterns across the bra, which gives it a very stunning and eye-catching appearance. You’ll be an instant hit if you turn at the festival wearing those.

Rave Bras for sale

Women's Light Up Bra 1
Neon Nancy Women's Wavy Light Up Bra 2

Neon Nancy Women's Wavy Light Up BraNeon Nancy Women's Wavy Light Up Bra 1Neon Nancy Women's Squiggly Light Up Bra Electric Styles women's Light Up Bra - Vanity Furry Light Up Bra. Color Changing with LED 1 Furry Light Up Bra. Color Changing with LED Light Up Bra - Rhinestone Light Up Bra by Electric Styles - Too Sexy Neon Nancy Women's Hypnotize Light Up Bra 2 Neon Nancy Women's Hypnotize Light Up Bra Neon Nancy Women's Rhinestone Up Bra 1 Neon Nancy Women's Rhinestone Up Bra 2 Neon Nancy Women's Rhinestone Up Bra Neon Nancy Women's Squiggly Light Up Bra 1 Electric Styles Light Up Bra - HypnotizedSequin Rave Bras

These amazing bras are made from the purest and finest sequin available to give you one of the most fantastic designs you’ll ever love. These rave bras look as fine as silk and yet glisten like shiny diamonds, making them super eye-catchy and attractive to wear. Sequin bras are a highly popular choice among rave girls because of how funky they look, and are a common sight at EDC / rave festival events. They come in multiple colors and sizes, and are made of different types of sequin material to give a very unique and exotic feel. We really liked the shiny gold and sapphire color designs.  Nothing beats the fun of wearing your favorite sequin bra with your girl friends to the EDC carnival – you’ll be an instant hit among the ravers. The best part is that some of these sequin bras are now selling at great discounted prices, so you can put together the perfect rave outfit without spending too much case. Because of their overwhelming popularity, these bra tops are often sold out before major festival events – we recommend purchasing one or two of them just in case!

Rave Bras for sale

iHeartRaves Sequin Rave Bra iHeartRaves Sequin Rave Bra 3 Raveware Lingerie Women's Sexy Sequin Roma Women's Sequin Bra 1 Roma Women's Sequin Bra Women Bra Sexy Sequin Rave iHeartRaves Sequin Rave Bra 2 Hip Shakers Exotic Tribal Floral Sequin Belly Dance Bra 1 Hip Shakers Exotic Tribal Floral Sequin Belly Dance Bra Hip Shakers New Sequin Cabaret Beaded Accents Bra Top Costume Tribal Belly Dance 2 Hip Shakers New Sequin Cabaret Beaded Accents Bra iHeartRaves Sequin Rave Bra 1

Daisy Bras

One of the most underrated types of rave bras are these daisy rave bras which look incredible stunning and exotic to wear. These bras are designed with many colorful and vibrant daisies attached to the top part of the bra, and complimented by sequin to give one of the most funky and beautiful eye-popping appearances. These daisy bra tops are one of the most highly sought after at rave festivals and we highly recommend getting them if you intend to wear something different and exotic at the festival. Furthermore, these daisy bras are available in multiple colors and sizes, so you’d definitely be able to find the perfect fit. At the time of writing, these daisy bras are available in small (34”), medium (36”) and large (38”) sizes for you to choose from. They are made from super durable and luxurious material (mostly 85% polyester and 15% cotton) to allow you to party all night with maximum comfort.

Crimson Daisy Sequin Rave Bra Deep Sea Daisy Sequin Rave Bra Sugar Daisy Sequin Rave Bra

Rhinestone Designer Bras

Rhinestone rave bras are probably one of the most intriguing type of bras you can wear to the festival. They are made of highly attractive rhinestones that look like precious diamond jewels and come in all form of sizes and designs. They are one of the best types of bras you can wear to the festival if you are looking for something flashy and stunning, plus these rhinestone bras look super exotic and you’ll be guaranteed a tonne of compliments just wearing these around the dance floor. If you are new to rave festivals, wearing these exotic and stunning bras are a great way to have fun and express yourself. As you dance to the beat of the music, these funky bras will definitely add to the hype and groove of the music.

Heart Rhinestone Rave BraChain Stone Rave BraDiamond Punk Goth Bra ClubwearPunk Goth Bra Clubwear

Mermaid Shell Bras

Mermaid rave bras are a specially designed, one of a kind type of exotic bra that you rarely see at festivals, but look incredible stunning and attractive in its own way. One of the reason they are so rare is that it’s extremely hard to find people willing to sell these amazing bra tops. If you can grab your hands on one of these mermaid shell bras, you are definitely set for a treat of a lifetime. In addition, these bras are made from a combination of nylon and spandex, making them super comfortable to dance and party with. They are handmade original bras made in the USA. At the time of writing, the only colors left are lavender, pink and purple designer mermaid bras.

Pink Mermaid Rave Bra Mermaid Shell Rave Halter Top

Spiked Bras

These spiked rave bras look extremely badass, and are designed more towards the cyber-punk-type of rave. Some of these spiked bras are actually made out of real studded metallic rivets and look really cool to wear at the festival. These bras are a real head turner which is perfect for your trip to the EDC, night clubs, musical festivals, or even just for your own summer rave party. If you don’t mind wearing something special this season, we guarantee that you’ll be in for a lot of fun with these spiked bras for raving. They are made mostly of lightweight polyester for maximum comfort, and are available in multiple sizes with adjustable shoulder straps. These women’s bras are truly badass and as sight to behold at the festival. If you haven’t tried one of these before, you’ll be in for a huge pleasant surprise the next time you decide to turn up in these!

Rivet Party Club Sport Bras Skeleton Punk Spike Studs Bra Spiked Padded Party Bra

The Verdict? 

If you have the chance to try on some of these amazing women’s bra tops, you should definitely not hesitate to get them now. They are simply stunning and super attractive, and you’ll definitely have plenty of fun wearing these around with your friends at the rave festival. For first time ravers, we highly recommend the sequin and daisy bra designs which will definitely make you an instant hit at the dance floor – or try on the light up bras with are super fun and incredibly dazzling as you party through the night. Enjoy!