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In every rave there will be that special someone who stands out from the crowd. Here at Raveswear, we take the badass into the rave clothing to produce something you’ve never seen before. The Badass Rave Clothing for Men is Raveswear’s signature combination of badass rave clothing and accessories to give you that insanely funky look at your rave. The elite of all our rave outfit combinations, we showcase nothing but the most badass of rave accessories that will guarantee to blow your mind away as you dance and party the night away. If you’re ready to take the plunge, read on!


One of the most badass masks that we’ve featured is the LED Respirator mask that looks straight out of the Star Wars movie. Not only does this mask give you a groovy badass chic to your overall appearance, it looks so stunning that you’re bound to receive lots of attention from the crowd. This badass rave mask makes for an excellent combination with our recommended rave outfits, so you’d look simply amazing wherever you go with it. It has an electric greenish lightning glow at the end of the respirator that changes patterns and dances about with the beat of the music. The metallic spikes from the respirator mask gives an added badass factor. The mask also has a super durable, study construction so you don’t ever have to worry about dropping it as you dance away. It’s also super comfortable to wear which makes breathing through it effortless. If you’re prepared for a badass look on your face then you must try on this respirator mask.

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The LED Respirator Masks goes well with the LED hood with its clean, black design and green LED lining. This will give you the “raver from the future” look with that badass looking rave mask. This rave hood features an elastic green led lighting that flows from top to bottom and around your neck, making your hoodie look like an amazing technological innovation from the future. The electro-greenish glow from the hoodie compliments the greenish glow from your rave mask to add to your groove. Furthermore, this LED hood has a long-lasting battery to power the LED lining so you don’t ever have to worry about your power supply. You can even recharge the battery multiple times so can wear the hoodie to as many raves as you like. This lethal combination will guarantee to turn heads at the rave party and give you an appearance like no other.

Rave Hoodie


To add to the overall greenish colour of this badass rave outfit, we’d recommend these green LED rave shoelaces that you can tie to your shoe to give it an extra groovy factor. These LED rave laces light up really brightly and are long enough for you to tie through your shoes without any hassle at all. Furthermore, these stylistic rave laces look great, and this will give you an appearance of someone wearing a badass high-tech rave outfit – with LED glows that are super eye-catching and funky to rave in. These rave shoelaces can fit into practically any kind of shoe, so just slip them right in and you’ll instantly transform your shoes into an amazing rave machine. They are also super high-quality and can even be used on other accessories in addition to your shoes.

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The king of all rave gloves and most badass of LED designs, the Chroma Elite Rave Gloves make an excellent pairing with this badass rave clothing combination. Not only are the colours of this LED gloves fully customizable, they create dazzling light shows as you wave your hands about to the beat of the night. These LED gloves allow you to program the colours for EVERY SINGLE FINGER – so you can create whatever patterns and wavy glows you want. Wear these glows to any rave party and you’ve got the one of the most seriously badass of rave outfit combinations that hardly any raver can match. With it’s awesome design and insanely dazzling light-show effects, what’s there not to love?

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“If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, it will make you more powerful than you ever imagined.”

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