A great addition to your rave outfit combination is to put on rave face paint that glows extremely wildly under UV black-light. Wearing LED Gear to the rave party is good enough to give you one heck of a good time with your flashy LED gloves and shutter shades. But if you want to get serious about becoming the ultimate ‘glow-queen’ of the night, you have to transform yourself with rave face paint to make yourself the perfect glow raver.

There are plenty of rave face paints out there but this one stands out for its quality and the brightness of the glow. The UV Glow Face and Body Paint is one of the most recognisable products in the industry and is suitable for day and night use. The best ‘wow’ colours are pink, blue and yellow, which glow extremely brightly under blacklight. The advantage of using this blacklight body paint product is that it comes with multiple colours, and it is relatively easy to apply on your skin. It can be applied both on your face and body for maximum stunning effect. You can even use a tiny brush to apply the designs on your face. Although the tubes may be small, they come at an affordable price and are of extremely good quality and should be used sparingly, which improves your overall raving experience.

Blacklight Body Paint

This set  of rave face paints includes 6 vivid colours and appear neon coloured under normal lighting, while giving off an immense flourescent glow under UV / blacklights. These paints are easily applied, dry quickly on the skin and last all night. It is also easily washable with water after use. If you are looking for a set of premium quality bright neon body and rave face paint, these colours are certainly ideal for your rave party festivals. Combine the body paint with LED accessories to give yourself the ultimate midnight raver appearance!

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