These set of ultra-bright rave finger lights are awesome and incredibly fun to play with. They come in pack of 40 LED high quality finger flash-lights which features a great variety of colors to choose from including white, green, red, and blue. These rave finger lights are designed to be super bright and each has a rubber band to attach to the finger and a switch to turn it on. Furthermore, each rave finger flashlight works perfectly straight out of the box. Wearing these rave finger lights at the EDM festival will make you an instant smash. You’ll definitely receive a tonne of compliments just partying around all night with these ultra-bright LED colors on your hands and fingers!

Ultra-Bright Rave Finger Lights

The great thing about these rave finger lights is that the manufacturer provides an extra set of 8 finger lights (for free) that makes this entire package good value for money. They are small, lightweight and super addictive to rave with. Furthermore, every little finger light works continuously for over 12 hours which is more than enough time to last you through the night. If you have the chance to snap one pack of these amazing rave finger lights, you’ll be in for an awesome night at the rave festival while dazzling your audience with your very own funky rave light shows!

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