The rave fur vest rainbow LED has an amazing one of a kind design which cycles through tons of different patterns as you rave through the night. It is made of glow fur that is specially designed to reflect and bounce light, creating a dazzling lightshow the moment you put it on. It’s perfect for almost any party occasion where you can simply wear it and look great with the rainbow LED colours. The vests has different patterns including light-up rainbow, strobe or fade between colours to give you the best choice of how you want your vest to look.

Rave Fur Vest Rainbow LED

What we really liked about this rave fur vest was actually the quality of the fur – you can feel that the fur is very high quality, and its snow-white colour compliments very well with other rave apparel, such as light-up rave bras. It’s unique design will definitely steal tonnes of compliments as you parade through the night with these dazzling rainbow LED colours.

The rave fur vest features a comfortable light weight lining and secret-inside zipper stash pocket for the battery pack, so you won’t ever have to worry about the batteries getting seen. The light-up fur vest is really the perfect accessory for events. It uses replaceable AA batteries which lasts up to 48 hours to keep you dancing all night. If you’re looking for something exotic to go with your rave clothing, the eye-catching rainbow LED rave vest will guarantee to turn heads at your rave party.

Rave Vest