These spectacular rave leg wraps are one of the funkiest and most exotic things you can wear to the rave festival. These new non-slip leg wraps are lined with a silicon lining inside to hug your thighs and stay up all night as you rave and dance to the beat of the music. These rave leg wraps come in pairs and add more texture, color and character to your rave outfit. They are also super compatible with rave fluffies, making them an extremely stunning combination. Furthermore, these sexy leg wraps are one size fits most, and have 2x stretchy elastic material made for maximum comfort and hold.

When we first tried these leg wraps at Zedd, even after 5 hours of dancing and having fun they stayed up the whole time, and retained their shiny feel. It’s 16 inch diameter garter top and wraps 46 inches around the leg. If you have short legs – they still fit perfect because you can tie them in a different design than usual. We really liked the white and silver sparkles of these rave leg wraps –  the sparkle isin’t as grey as expected and blends really nicely but looks better than plan white.

You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you can get just by wearing these around. We were really stunned by how funky these looked on the dance floor with the shiny glitter along the leg wrap. It’s truly an artistic addition to your rave outfit and you’ll definitely have lots of fun just wearing them around!

If you are looking for some of the best leg wraps in town to wear to the EDC / rave festival, these awesome leg wraps are an obvious choice. Furthermore, some of these are now selling at very good price points, so don’t forget to check them out!

#1 Neon Yellow Leg Wraps

Neon Yellow Rave Leg Wraps

raver pants

#2 Gold Glitter Leg Wraps 

Gold Glitter Rave Leg Wraps

raver pants

#3 Neon Pink Leg Wraps 

Neon Pink Rave Leg Wraps

raver pants

#4 Emerald Glitter Leg Wraps 

Emerald Glitter Rave Leg Wraps

raver pants

#5 Royal Blue Leg Wraps 

Neon Blue Rave Leg Wraps

raver pants

#6 Rainbow Leg Wraps 

Rave Leg Wraps

raver pants