Going to a rave party is all about expressing yourself – its the perfect time for you to let loose for a while and get a little wild. Afterall, this is a once in a lifetime experience. If this is your first rave, you’re probably wondering how to dress like a badass raver and have tonnes of fun. The good news is with all the flashy lights, insane music and techno dance beats, rave fashion and transformed itself into a really-anything-goes culture. And if you’re looking for some really cool rave outfit ideas that will make your rave an unforgettable adventure, you’re in the right place.

So lets get down to the point – how do you create the perfect rave outfit?

The most important thing is always to wear something you’re comfortable with. You need to wear something you can imagine yourself dancing in hours on straight without missing a beat. Equally important, check the weather forecast! For example, the weather at EDC Las Vegas would be hotter than the weather at EDC Chicago. You should dress accordingly.

With that in mind, here are some super cool rave outfit ideas to bring out the magic of raving. It’s time to get real excited!

For Girls 

(We’ll showcase the men’s items below)

The trend for ravers is to wear something bright, vibrant, creative and colourful. Rave outfits are geared towards dancing and comprise of five main parts: the head, tops, hands, bottoms and legs. For girls there are plenty of items to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of options to make yourself comfortable as you dance the night to the beat of the music.


rave outfits

When it comes to tops, really anything goes. Simply pick what you’re comfortable dancing with and combine it with other rave accessories to give you a very pretty look! We’ve been to raves where ravers just wear anything from party pyjamas to LED tops or simply just a nice old fashioned kandi bra. See those ravers in the photo above? They are wearing mini rave tutus that look like mini skirts and these come in multi-colored designs too!

Here are some rave tops that have bright vibrant colors to get you into the vibe. They also glow really well under UV light, and give off a stunning neon-light appearance.

iHeartRaves Pretty Rave Girl Rave Festival Crop Top

Rave clothing, rave outfits, rave wear


Peace Love Unity Respect rave clothing, rave outfits


iHeartRaves Daisy In The Sky Rave Festival Tank Top
















rave hoodies

If you’ve never tried these LED rave hoodies you are missing out on some serious fun. Not only do they give a seriously cool vibe when worn in the dark, they will definitely attract tonnes of attention and positive compliments while at the rave festival. If you are headed for the Electric Daisy Carnival, you will definitely have so much fun wearing these LED hoodies around and dancing to the beat of the music.

There has been plenty of hype going on the kind of rave accessories you can wear over/on your head. Some great rave outfit ideas include rave glasses, light-up hoods, rave masks, rave sweat-shirts and even fiber-optic hair braids that make your hair glow in the dark! Check them out below.

Bear Rave HoodFurry Rave Hoodskaleidoscope prism glasses

Fiber Optics Hair BraidRave sweatshirtsRave Face Paintrave accessories mask


LED Rave Bra

Part of the fun of rave fashion is that you can literally wear anything you want (so long as you wear something), and rave bra designs have definitely caught up with rave fashion. These incredible LED rave bra designs consist of multiple colorful patterns and include butterfly, flower or electric designs that’s truly awesome and stunning in appearance. They are one of the best rave outfit ideas we have ever encountered and just super fun to wear.

You may not have seen these bras before, but light-up LED bras are a great way to add tonnes of electric vibrant color and fun to your rave. They come in many dazzling patterns and colors to choose from. As you dance through the night at the party, these LED rave bras will guarantee to elicit a tonne of compliments from the crowd. There’s also kandi bras that are made from kandi gemstones which will make you look like a dancing queen. If you have never worn one of these LED rave bras before, you are missing out on some serious fun.


rave gloves

Well one of the best things to bring to a rave are a pair of LED rave gloves. Not only are they lightweight and easy to wear around, they look extremely eye catchy and fun to play with especially under UV light. Some rave gloves are sound activated and will even light up to the beat of the music as you rave the night away at the EDC!

If you don’t mind have some extra wild fun wearing rave gloves, we recommend starting with a pair of LED gloves that will fascinate and dazzle you with their stunning LED lightshows. If you want  a unique and fun way to party through the night, then try on these LED rave gloves. These gloves come in customizable colors so you can adjust the flashy LED lights on every single finger! As you dance and wave about in these gloves, they create magical light-shows and patterns in the air that will dazzle you. Pretty neat for a rave outfit idea.

Light up rave gloves

Led Rave Gloves

LED rave gloves

One of best things about wearing these programmable rave gloves, apart from its super sleek and comfortable design, is that there are a tonne of colours to choose from and the colours are super bright due to the high quality LED system. These LED rave gloves are at the top of line, with high quality material construction, made of nylon fabric that keeps your hands warm as you create dazzling lightshows. You will also be given full customization options, being able to customize your own colours and patterns. The colours are extremely bright and vibrant so it will guarantee an instant hit at the party. It also comes with an integrated program so you can customize the gloves for yourself, although it comes with 5 beautiful pre-programmed modes. These are simply a must-have for creating the perfect rave outfit.


Party King furry rave boots

Leg warmers are a trending hit among ravers and are becoming part of a trend in rave fashion. Some of these neon leg warmers look super cool under UV light and are plenty of fun to wear around the carnival. Not to mention, the multiple colored leg warmers pair really well with bright rave outfits, giving off plenty of raver vibes that are guaranteed to transform your rave experience into an unforgettable adventure.

When it comes to raves, wearing rainbow fluffies is a must-try. Not only do they look much better than ordinary neon stockings, they pack plenty of fun in their awesome colorful design that gives plenty of party vibes. They are highly comfortable and cozy on the legs, which makes you feel great on the dance floor. Rave fluffies are one of the best things a girl can wear to the rave and we highly recommend them.

leg warmers, rave clothingRave Fluffies

Furry Leg Warmers


One of the best rave outfit ideas we’ve come across are these stunning plasma rave sneakers. You’ve probably seen tonnes of ravers wearing ordinary sports/running shoes, but, if you want to try something really special, these plasma sneakers are the ones to check out. They look like laser beams as you dance through the night in these babies. Plus, they’re really funky and one of the most exciting things to wear to the EDC. These plasma sneakers are flat shoes, which means that they provide plenty of comfort for your feet and are key to lasting you through the night!

Rave Accessories4

For Men

For all the raver dudes out there looking for some great rave outfit ideas, we’ve got some good suggestions that will make you feel and look great with plenty of swag. An excellent rave outfit combination includes the top, the head, the hands, legs and some cool rave accessories.


Let’s get right to the point – you want to wear something comfortable that you can party all night long and give plenty of fun. Here’s a few nice ideas on what you can wear:

Rave clothing, rave outfits, rave wear

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat Tank Top










keep calm and rave on tank

Rave clothing, rave outfits, rave wear










Rave Hoodie

LED Rave Hoodie for Guys

We’re recently discovered this incredibly cool arc-reactor shirt (the same one which Iron Man wore). The arc reactor in the shirt gives off an insane glow and is perfect to wear to the EDC.

arc reactor shirt

Arc Reactor Shirt

For those who are slightly more adventurous, try on these light up LED ties. How often do you see a raver with a light-up tie? Not only do they have plenty of hype and look super stunning, it compliments your rave outfit really well.

rave tie, rave clothing

rave tie, rave clothing








Surgical masks are a common sight at raves. In fact, there are plenty of items that you can wear on your head but we recommend something fun and exciting such as these rave masks.  These rave masks are handcrafted and beautifully made into the most exotic and fascinating shapes you’ve probably never seen before. Some of these rave masks look seriously badass with  incredibly pointed metallic spikes and will guarantee to steal tonnes of attention for yourself. In fact, these are so highly popular that it always runs out of stock so be sure to check them out!

LED Rave Mask

rave accessories mask

Another nice rave outfit idea is to try on rave glasses – they look super cool and have plenty of insane vibes to them. Furthermore, some of them are light-up glasses/ glow in the dark, which make them super fun to have after charging them under the sun. Shutter shades, like the one you see below, are also a trending rave fashion. The ones you see below were worn by Kanye himself.

kanye shutter shades

rave diffraction glasses Flip Up Diffraction Prism Fireworks Rave Glasses








Cyber Goth Goggles

Firework Prism Glasses






rave diffraction glasses


As usual, LED rave gloves make for a great addition to your overall appearance and are plenty of fun to wear to the EDC. They create dazzling lightshows as you dance to the beat of the music. You can literally let loose your imagination by toying with these babies.

rave gloves, rave clothing

Led Rave Gloves


rave pants

Some of these exotic rave pants are incredibly fun to look at and even more thrilling to wear at the rave festival. If you are bored of wearing boring looking jeans or pants to the rave, why not try out these super exotic looking raver pants that even glow in the dark! They come in incredible laser light design patterns and feature badass icons at the sides such as the Skull or Tron icon. Dancing at night with these funky pants at the festival are almost certainly going to turn heads and gain you a tonne of compliments! They are also a great compliment to your neon rave outfits that gives off a cool electric vibe.

If you’re probably wondering what a dude can wear on the legs, you’ll be stunned by this neon rave pants. They look incredibly funky and are perfect for gothic ravers. They can also create stunning patterns as you dance.

raver pants

A nice finishing touch is to add some LED shoelaces to your shoes to give them a light-show boost. They make you shoes come to life as they change colours and cycle through patterns every minute. Don’t forget to check them out!

rave laces, rave clothing

LED flashing shoelaces

So that’s it! Here are some of the best rave outfit ideas to think about as you prepare for your rave. Remember the key is always to wear something comfortable and fun, so that you’ll get the most out of the music and have one heck of a good time. You can also check out some sick rave accessories that you can bring to the rave – these items are for professional ravers/glovers/ performers.

Do you have the next best rave outfit ideas? We’d love to hear from you and share your thoughts below! Thanks for reading.

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