Rave Outfits for Girls

Here at Raveswear we’ve put together some funky combinations for you to try out at your rave party. Our rave outfits for girls promises to deliver truckloads of fun by maximizing fun and comfort effortlessly and is specifically targeted for Electronic Dance Music “EDM”. We are dedicated to featuring rave outfits and accessories that are best suited for dance performance and manoeuvres with funky designs. This EDM combination is perfect for the raver who wants to wear something light-weight and yet look stunning in the crowd. If you’re the kind of raver girl looking for hardcore partying, then check out our featured outfits below!


EDM combinations involve apparel that look funky and cool in design while creating the best dance experience for the raver. The seriously cool thing about wearing prism glasses is that they instantly transform any light-show to one hell of a dazzling spectacle that you will never ever want to take them off again. We’d recommend trying out these firework prism glasses – not only do these look stunning they create never-seen-before light show experiences for the raver who wears them. Alternatively, these hand-made aviator diffraction glasses will do the job with lasers and light shows, giving you an unparalleled visual experience. Not only do these come in different colours, you can even select the type of lens you want. Be prepared to give your dance moves an extra boost with an enchanting light-show through the prism glasses.

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There are a variety of rave/EDM outfits to choose from but generally you want to find something comfortable and visually stunning. The idea is to wear something you would feel comfortable dancing in for an insanely wild night. For instance, this Pretty Rave Girl outfit looks stunning wherever you go and feels super comfortable so you can rave all day long without feeling the drag. It also comes in different bright colours that are luminous in the dark and are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. It’s perfect for the EDM raver who wants to dance to the beat of the music and look funky at the same time.

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This PLUR rave outfit also looks great and has a nice, clean design to it. Another great outfit you can try is the “Diasy in the Sky” top, or try this PLUR rave outfit which has a winning design that looks funky and groovy too. They are specially designed for you to dance and sweat the night out without feeling a finch of discomfort, and they are made of lightweight material to make you dance effortlessly.

rave outfit for girls


Apart from these groovy shirt designs, you can also try out this Too-Sexy LED Bra that looks extraordinary and will guarantee to make you stand out. Not only does the funky design on the bra add of an overall amazing rave experience, you’ll receive tonnes of compliments from other ravers who will be captured by their dazzling patterns. Plus, they come with super long-lasting batteries so you can party all night with full lights on.

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No EDM is complete without trying on leg warmers! Leg warmers are basically the stuff that you wear on your legs that make for an extra fun and funky rave gear. The rainbow leg warmers are pretty much the same leg warmer’s you’ve seen at most raves but they usually do the trick. If you are a fan of leg warmers you must seriously get these rainbow leg warmers. They’re super comfortable, warm and colourful which is exactly what you need. Alternatively, you may wish to wear rave tutus. These tutus will have you looking fierce and fabulous on the dance floor and you’ll find a tutu in every kind of style you could want with skirts ranging from the more sophisticated and classic to the more sexy and flirty.  There are plenty of skirts or rave tutus out there in multiple colours in different designs for you to choose from, so take your time to find something exotic and fun!

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Apart from the rainbow leg warmers, we also feature LED leg warmers that will make your rave come instantly to live with a splendid display of colours, so don’t forget to check them out here!


For the EDM raver, Kandi Bracelets are a hit with the crowd so you may want to find bracelets that have an eye-catching design that will make you stand out from the crowd. There are really tonnes of Kandi Bracelets around to shop from in the internet, and there’s really no need to fuss about searching for the “best” out there. Just grab a Kandi Bracelet you can rock with and that’s really all to it!

Be sure to check out our LED Combination and Rave Clothing for Men Combination too!

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