If you are looking for some seriously awesome rave tops to wear to your favorite EDC or rave festival, you’re in the right place. Here we feature some in-season women’s rave clothing and festival outfits that are super popular among ravers and bleed nothing but swag. They come in all sorts of funky and eye-popping designs, including alien designs, electric jellyfish to color splashing dye rave tops. We highly recommend these in-season outfits if you are looking for something super fun and exotic to party in. As you dance to the beat of the music, these super cool tops will definitely grab some serious attention for you – not to mention you’ll have a blast just partying in these.

The best thing about these women’s rave tops is that they complement a wide selection of rave gear and LED accessories, such as these super flashy rave shoes, rave hoods, rave glasses, leg warmers and fluffies. Furthermore, if you want to party in style through the night, try on these awesome LED rave gloves which will instantly turn your hands into mighty displays of lights and colors.

Here are the top 10 rave tops we’ve found that are super fun and comfy to wear; we tried them out at the New York EDC and it was simply a blast. We were awestruck by the striking colors and design of these rave tops and it really adds to the fun when you’re partying with your friends in these energy filled outfits. Furthermore, some of these festival tops are incredibly aesthetically appealing and look very nice to wear in the summer. We highly recommend these outfits and you’ll definitely not regret getting one of these.

#1 Electric Jellies All Over Print Rave Crop Top

Electric Jellies All Over Print Rave Crop Top

The Electric Jelly rave tops for women that we came across are so amazing – they bleed energy into the outfit and look super cool and stunning. Partying with these rave outfits is simply one of the best things that ever happened during the NY EDC. We loved it and know that you will too. What’s best is that this top is highly value for money. These are actually authentic rave tops designed in the USA.

Jellies All Over Print Rave Crop Top 1

  • 100% Polyester
  • Artwork on Front & Back
  • Slim Fit

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#2 Ganja Weed Leaf Tie Dye Rave Top

Ganja Weed Leaf Tie Dye Rave Crop Top

The Ganja Weed rave outfit is a beauty. From top to button, we were fascinated by the stunning colorful patterns of Ganja Weed through the top with its kaleidoscopic patterns.  It’s super fun and exciting to wear to rave festivals, and we especially loved how much energy and vibes this particular women’s top gives off. We got many compliments from ravers while wearing this top and we are sure you will love it.

Ganja Weed Leaf Tie Dye Rave Crop Top 1

  • 100% Polyester
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Machine Wash Cold

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#3 Meow Rave Crop Top

Meow Cat Loves Bacon Rave Crop Top

This Meow rave top looks super cute, with that cheesy cat icon in the center which makes it look perfect and super stunning! It’s also one of the hottest looking rave outfit around, and is made of super comfy materials (95% cotton) which means you can dance all night in this top without missing a beat. This top is hands down perfect and is made of that tight stretchy material which kind of fits like a glove. We were extremely happy wearing these Meow tops to the festival and simply adored them.

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#4 Daisy UV Reactive Glow Rave Top

Daisy UV Reactive Glow Rave Crop Top

This UV reactive daisy top was somewhat of an exotic find for us. The daisy top actually changes color under UV backlight, giving a very colorful and exotic splash on the top. We taken out of UV light, the top looks like a real life daisy exactly in the image below.

We must say that wearing this crop to a rave was perfect! It has a great and nice stretchy fit, and we got a tonne of compliments just wearing this sexy outfit at the festival. It looks super gorgeous when you’re partying on the dance floor with one of these amazing tops. It’s really a fashion statement and we highly recommend trying them out!

aisy UV Reactive Glow Rave Crop Top 1

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Design changes from Black & White to FULL color under UV Light!!!
  • 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton
  • Loose Fit

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#5 Paragon All Over Print Rave Top

Paragon All Over Print Rave Crop Top

The Paragon rave top is well and truly one of the sexiest and funkiest looking top you can find out there. It’s made of the highest quality materials which also makes it one of the most comfy tops to have at the festival, not to mention its bright, stunning design. It’s a truly amazing party top that’s filled and pumped up with energy; we were definitely impressed by how awesome this top looked in real life – it even looked better than the picture! If you are planning on getting one of the funkiest and cool tops out there this season – the Paragon top has to be at the top of the list!

Paragon All Over Print Rave Crop Top 1

Whichever angle you look at the Paragon top, it’s just a beauty. We definitely recommend getting one of these because at the time of writing, it is now selling at a whopping 48% discount!

  • 100% Polyester
  • High Resolution Print
  • Artwork on Front & Back

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#6 Green Alien Glitter Rave Crop

Out of This World Alien Glitter Rave Crop

This little guy has green glitter skin that will make you shine. It looks super cool on the dance floor and you’ll be surprised at just how many compliments you can get just by wearing this around the festival. It looks super exotic and is definitely something you want to get if you are going for a more “alien” theme this season. Furthermore, this alien rave top is designed with glitter all over, giving it a very cool glean and shine. It’s made of 95% cotton so you can be assured that you are definitely getting quality for what you pay for.

Alien Glitter Rave Crop Top

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#7 Rainbow Daisy Flower Rave Top

Rainbow Daisy Flower Rave Crop Top

The Rainbow Daisy rave top is probably one of the cutest outfits we have come across, and is really at the top of the line when it comes to comfort and quality. We wore this top for the Electric Daisy Carnival and it was perfect! If you are looking for something chill and fun to wear around, give this Daisy top a try. Furthermore, its made of 100% polyester and is machine washable.

We guarantee this Daisy top will brighten up any outfit in a pinch! Pair it with some booty shorts for a festival look or your favorite jean shorts for something casual and cute. This light weight crop top will keep you feeling as cool as you look.

Rainbow Daisy Flower Rave Crop Top 1

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#8 Ganja Weed Leaf Galaxy Rave Top

Ganja Weed Leaf Galaxy Rave Crop Top

The Ganja Weed Galaxy rave top is something of a novelty, combining the Ganja weed design with galactic space patterns – it’s truly an eye-catching masterpiece that has a very exciting vibe to it. For starters, we really liked this top – alot. It’s perfect for a rave; we could not believe how awesome this rave top actually looked in real life and on the dance floor. You’ll be an instant hit just wearing this top crop around, with its artistic design and burst of colors that all comes together in a neat little piece of art.

Ganja Weed Leaf Galaxy Rave Crop Top 1

  • 100% Polyester
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Machine Wash Cold

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#9 We Rave in Peace Alien Crop Top

We Rave in Peace Alien Crop Top

This is probably one of the cutest alien rave tops we’ve seen. When this first arrived we couldn’t wait to rave in it; it looked so pretty and perfect! Having tried this rave top at the EDC, we must say that this Alien top is truly one of the best and most comfortable tops you can ever get. The alien logo design was perfect, and looked really cool with the colorful swirl of galactic colors that truly accentuated the stunning appearance of this outfit. We guarantee that you’ll be an instant hit at the festival just by wearing this around the dance floor, with its truly stunning flare of colors and energetic vibes.

We Rave in Peace Alien Crop Top 1

  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Wash Cold
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#10 Constellation Rave Top
Constellation Rave Crop Top
The Constellation rave top is one super pretty and stunning outfit you should definitely try on this season. It has a unique flare to it, with a very cool logo and design with galactic stars and electric waves. Wearing this to the festival will instantly set you in the mood for some hardcore raving, and we guarantee that you’ll love the lightweight and comfy design of this women’s top. In short, the material is super light and breathable, and the pattern is very cute. It’s made of the highest quality materials which means that you are getting a very durable and nicely designed top. It comes highly recommended for EDC so don’t forget to check them out!
  • One size fits most
  • 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

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