If you are in the season for wearing light up rave tutu skirts, this light-up neon rave tutu will definitely make you smile. It features 5 layers of quality neon-coloured design and looks very pretty, cute and fun. It’s bright colours make it super compatible with most rave outfits and is best suited for EDC events. It looks very eye-catching if you pair these rave tutu skirts with rave fluffies. As you dance through the night, the lights will blink brightly and the battery pack is super small and hides very well inside the rave tutu.

The tutu itself is very well made, and the spandex can stretch to fit. It has a durable material construction and will last through all of the hype at the rave event. You can even adjust the colours of the rave tutu by flipping it, so the coloured layer that you want will be exposed. It’s a perfect addition to any glow run costume but do note that this tutu is short so you may have to wear something underneath, such as ruffly shorts or rave pants.

If you are looking for an excellent rainbow blinking tutu, this tutu is exactly what you need, with its brilliant neon coloured design and bright LED lights that are bright enough to be seen even in daylight. We were impressed at how gorgeous these rave tutu skirts looked in real life, with its super adorable appearance and cute blinking lights that will captivate your audience.

Rave Tutu Skirts