These flip-up trippy rave glasses will instantly transform your rave into an other-wordly experience with dazzling lightshows. Not only does it boost your light experience, these trippy rave glasses feature high-quality diffraction lenses which are designed to disperse colour and light around your eyes. It also has a flip-up design – both lens are diffraction lenses, which means you get x2 the diffraction all in one set of glasses! When we first reviewed this product, we found that having both lens down at the same time may feel a little blurry, but this magnifies the intensity of the lightshow. The rave glasses looks simply gorgeous under coloured lights and give an unbelievable diffraction effect when you try them on – you have to try it to believe it. As you dance the night away in these diffraction glasses, be prepared for a dazzling light experience that you’ve never seen before.

rave diffraction glasses

These trippy rave glasses have a composite frame and lens for that extra sturdy support, so you need not worry too much about handling them. The lens has a width of 55 millimetres and are non-polarized, so it feels super comfortable for your eyes as you wear them.  The lens are non-polarized, so its best to wear contact lenses (if you require) when using them for maximum enjoyment. They’re great for lightshows, fireworks and clubbing – and will instantly transform your rave experience into a blaze of lights and music.

Diffraction Rave Glasses