If you have never wore a luminous unicorn rave top to the rave party before, now is the time to try them on! Not only does it look super cool, it comes in a bright splash of unicorn colors that keeps the party going as you dance through the night and feel the beats on the dance floor. It has plenty of cool vibes to it and looks extremely fun to wear at the festival. Furthermore, this unicorn rave top has a very cute unicorn design and is lightweight, durable and one size fits most. It’s well and truly a quality product made in the USA using the latest in garment printing technology – the same quality you will find in any city boutique or department store.

Unicorn Rave Top

The pretty rave unicorn top is literally at the peak of its line – with an awesome bright and luminous colour that will capture the attention of all those around you as you rave through the night. The color of this outfit is greatly enhanced with a splash of rainbow from the unicorn. You might even be surprised at how pretty these colours look in real life – they are simply gorgeous and will make you stand out from the crowd. This unicorn rave top looks amazing when you wear it with galactic leggings, and you can definitely have tonnes of fun with it at a party or just for the fun of pure raving. It makes an incredible combination with rave fluffies.

The Unicorn rave top is made from high quality material from 57% cotton, 38% polyester, 5% spandex jersey. It’s super comfortable to wear and ideal to keep you cool this summer. It also comes with a one size fit all durable rib neckband. The best part about of the top is the rainbow color that is both eye catching and guaranteed to steal the night for you. The color is amazing and bright, and the material is so soft and light – you will definitely make some people smile while wearing this around. We absolutely loved the design, fit and feel of the top. There’s really not many other rave girl outfits out there that can match the impressive look of this rave unicorn rave top, so be sure to check them out!

unicorn rave top