This insanely cool vanity rave bra by electric styles is guaranteed to solicit lots of compliments and love from the crowd when you wear it. It looks great at EDM festivals or rave parties and has a great eye-catching design. You’ll be surprised at how pretty this bra is even with the lights off. The vanity rave bra features 3 glowing EL wires hand-sewn onto the bra in a curvy outline pattern. The bra comes with a 3-mode battery pack, and you can easily switch between continuously on, fast blinking or slow blinking. The bra is black in colour for great contrast with the LED lights and is made of high-quality material so you’ll feel super comfortable just wearing them. Furthermore, the wiring and battery pack fits tightly around the bra so you will not even notice that it’s there.

All in all, it’s one of the coolest looking rave bras out there that you can wear to the party and get looks of healthy attention from. It’s super cool design also makes you look great at the party and gives a kind of “batman” feel to it. For a price of just $44.97, these pair of rave bras will guarantee to blow you away with its stunning display of colours as you rave through the night.

Rave Bra