I know why you are here. You are here to discover the question asked time and time again – “What kind of raver am I?” How do we decide what clothes to put on to free our inner raver spirit as we dance to the beat of the music? There is really no one answer to this complex question. There is also no straightforward answer on what you should wear to a rave, but, if you can discover your inner raver spirit by taking the quiz below, you’ll find out soon enough. I cannot promise that you will like what you see, but I do promise that you will discover something that you have never seen before. If you are prepared to discover the truth, take the quiz below and find out for yourself now!

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Congratulations on finding out your inner raver spirit! I’m sure some of you might be surprised at the truth, or baffled, maybe surprised or happy at what you see. That is all very good. I hope that the truth will help you unlock what to wear to a rave – and there are a couple of suggestions which I can show you according to your inner raver spirit. Do not be afraid of being yourself and expressing how you feel. That’s why you are here. You are here to find out what to wear to a rave to let it all out. It is a beautiful achievement no matter who you are or where you come from. That is what peace, love, unity and respect is all about.

Kandi Raver – If you have the inner kandi raver spirit within you, then you will bring cheer and lots of fun to everyone around you. Full of energy and vitality, you are always ready to take on the next rave with all smiles, laughter and colour. The world has become a much happier place thanks to people like you. What should you wear to the raver besides Kandi? I will recommend to you to try out these rave glasses, which are full of colour and bright lights that will dazzle you. You can also wear these rave shirts for men, or this pretty rave outfit for girls. Or try on these skinny rave leggings, beautifully crafted to soak in every colour and vibrancy for your rave adventure. Finally, if you love kandi, these rainbow leg warmers are a must try for you.

Glow Queen – If you have the inner Glow Queen spirit within you, you are a nocturnal person with a love for lights and flashy things. Be very proud, for you belong to a very select class of ravers that brought the most colour to the night. For you I only recommend that you check out these beautiful LED rave gear for you to wear at the rave. I’m sure that what you find there will be what your inner self is looking for.

Gothic Raver – If you have the inner Gothic spirit within you, then you my friend are of a very special breed of ravers. You will need rave gear like no other, raver outfits that no one has dared to wear before. You will need nothing but the best to set yourself apart from the crowd. And to do this I can recommend you these cyber raver pants that go well with an overall black outfit. You will also need a Gothic spiky raver mask such as the green plasma mask or the bloody spike mask to create the appearance that you desire. These gothic cyber goggles with it’s amazing Biohazard design is also a great addition to your overall appearance.

Hoochie Raver – If you have the inner spirit of a Hoochie, then what you need is something that will free all inhibitions, something that you can use to free your mind and body. You might be wondering what to wear to a rave so that you can get the most attention from the opposite sex. You can try on these seriously hot rave bras if you like, but I think what you need most is these rave party pills to keep you strong and going through the intense night. Nothing can now stand in the way for you to make love.

Badass Raver – If you are the badass raver, then there’s only one kind of item you need – badass rave gear. The elite of all rave combinations, you feel that this world is not enough and you need something more, something that will make you feel invincible. Yet deep down inside you are kind and confident, and with a gallant poise you stand to dominate the rave party. For this you will need this badass rave mask, and this black hoodie from the future to aid your cause.  Nothing can stand in your way now.

I hope you have discovered the truth on what to wear to a rave. It depends on what kind of raver you are. Whatever path you decide to take, I wish you nothing but the very best. May you find peace, love, unity and respect wherever you go and bring happiness to whomever you meet.

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